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Credit to Elda142 for Mecha Sonic. Credit to RyanMC for Eggman. Amy by Shadow tails. Angel Island by SupaChoa. Baddies by Ragey. Badniks by Techokami, SkyLights, and SupeChoa. Ball Kirby by Kung Fu Man. Beam Kirby by Dreamcat. Big by Samurai. Black doom by hypershadow. Blaze by RyanMC. Bokkun sprites by tailsrules. Bomb Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Burning Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Captain Whisker by RyanMC. Choa by Psychtaygar. Choas by ryu. Chip by Nintendo_6444. Cook kirby by A.J. Nitro. Cream by Daniel Sidney. Cream by Shawn. Dark Gaia by Miszi. Dark Matter by SupahGoomba. Dark Meta Knight by Dark_Pikachu. Death Egg by Damien. Death Egg (inside) by Domenico. Death Egg Zone by Snowflake. Decoe and Bocoe by Dr. Sage. Dedede castle by Hyper Gumba. Dedede stadium by Drshnaps. Devil Kirby by Spriter Troopa. Doom's Eye by hypershadow. Dr. Gerald by Shadow+Maria-lover. Dyna Blade by Drshnaps. E-101 Mk.2 by Shadow_91. Egg Dealer by dfranks, Pseudo, and Bacon. Egg Stalker by Akuma th Hedgehog. Eggman Nega is RyanMC. Egg Pawn by Gussprint. Eggpods by DanielSidney, Zero the Hedgehg, acon, Psuedo, Bonzai, HyperTurtle32, Shadowbot, and the Shyguy Kingdom. Eggrider's by Sprites Inc. Eggrobo by Dolphman. Eggman's airship by SupaChoa and Gold Sonic. Emerl by Kwebs. Fawful by Gameboy09. Fighter Kirby by Random Talking Bush. Fire Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Freze Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Galactia Knight by Omegakyogre. Gemerl by SupaChoa. Grouder by Joseph Tek Fox. Gun by RyanMC. Halberd by Drshnaps. Hammer Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Hammer Pawn by Ragey. Hi Jump Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Ice Kirby by Geo Prower. Johnny by RyanMC. King Dedede by Drshnaps. Later used King Dedede by Frario. Kirby by Dreamcat. Kirby by Random Talking Bush. Enemies by Deathbringer. Enemies(revenge) by Drshnaps. Random rips by Random Talking Bush. Knuckles by Arsenic. Knuckles by Ren "foxx" Ramos. Kracko by Frario. Maria by Shadow+Maria-Lover. Marx Soul by Drshnaps. Masked Dedede by Drshnaps. Master Emerald by Apocalypse the hedgehog. Master/Crazy Hands by Kenju The Echidna. Mecha Dedede by Drshnaps. Mecha Madness by Kryptid. Meta Knight by Geo Prower and Neo-Glitch. Meta Knights soilders by Drshnaps. Metal Sonic by CyberShadow, Deekman, Vortex, and Joe T.E. Mighty by Joe T. EhidnaFox, Nate T. Hedgehog, Ren Foxx Ramos, Choatia, MystE, Deekman, Sprite_boy9, Ghost Sonic, Ryu, Arsenic, Frario, and Shadow_91. Mike Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Missle Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Modified Dedede stadium by Random Talking Bush. Needle Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Neo Metal Sonic by Noland, Deekman and CyberShadow. Nightmare by Kung Fu Man. Nova by Tonberry2k. Old Areana by Kutter11. Old Dark Matter by Drshnaps. Old Dedede by Drshnaps. Old Eggman by Pixl Zone, Kajin, Psycosis, Emerald Thief, SupaChoa, Killer, and Damien. Old Fire Kirby by Drshnaps. Old Hammer Kirby by Drshnaps. Old Angel Island zone boss by SupaChoa. Old Kirby by Drshnaps. Old Masked Dedede by Drshnaps and HyperTurtle32. Old Meta Knight by Drshnaps. Old Shadow by hypershadow. Old Sonic by Kajin, Fox Omega and Psyguy. Omega by Gussprint. Parasol Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Popstar by Neo-Glitch. Prince fluff by ?(unknown). Rouge by Frario. Rouge by Zig Sonar. Samurai kirby by lord kirby. scratch by sonic saiyan Shadow by ryu. Shadow by Ren "Foxx" Ramos, N-finity and domenico. Shadow by neox. Silver sonic by Goron0000. Silver by silver59. Smash kirby by T2k. Sonic by Nate the Hedgehog. Big sonic battle pics by Bacon. Spark Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Spheal by Zekrom101. Special posses by HyperTurtle32. Star rod kirby by Kung Fu Man. Stone Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Super Shadow by Domenico. Super Silver by MechaBowser1. Super Sonic by ?(unknown). Suplex Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Sword Kirby by dreamcat. Tails By Digi-Ex. Tails by Ren "Foxx" Ramos. Tails doll by ZinDinTimeYUM, and Will Justus. Tikal by FroggyMudd. Tornado by Daniel Sidney. Tornado Kirby by A.J. Nitro. Turtle Robot by Nemu. UFO Kirby by Kung Fu Man. Warp Star by A.J. Nitro. Whispy Woods by Random Talking Bush. Wing Kirby by Geo the Fox. Yo-Yo Kirby by Drshnaps. Neo Metal Sonic by OnceTmaster. Other sprites not listed are by MFZ or TSR. Characters by Sega and Hal Labritory.